5 Reasons to Become a Plogger

July 09, 2018

5 Reasons to Become a Plogger

You're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about when I say plogging. Plogging is an idea created in Sweden, combining the terms plucking and jogging. Basically it's picking up garbage while doing your favorite outdoor activities, such as walking, jogging or cycling. If you're still feeling weird at the thought of picking up other peoples' litter, here's a few reason that might change your mind. 



#1 - Running with a purpose 

Of course getting outside and exercising has a purpose but this creates a purpose outside of yourself.  When you get to the end of your run all those little items you picked up really add up and you feel fantastic for making a difference.  Litter creates litter, meaning when we keep our environment clean it`s easier to keep it that way. 


#2 - Helps you get fit 

According to the app LIFESUM, since you`re bending, reaching and crouching the average calories burned goes from 235 to 288 in a half hour jog. Not too shabby eh? 


#3 - Spend time with friends and family 

Sometimes we don`t invest enough time with friends and family. This gives you an excuse to catch up with a friend (the one you always say you`ll go to coffee with but never do).  Get your family involved, ESPECIALLY your kids. 


#4 - Easy to do

You can make it as easy or as challenging as you want.  All you need are a pair of your favorite sneakers, a plogging bag to put garbage in, maybe a pair of gloves, and whatever other running/walking gear you normally use. You don`t need to plog the whole time, cut it down to the first 10 minutes of your walk or run if you want.  Whatever works for you!


#5 Creates awareness 

When we spread the word on activities like plogging, people naturally become more aware.  When you`re running by and others notice you with a bag while cleaning your community, they naturally ask questions. WHEN WE LEARN MORE WE CARE MORE, WHEN WE CARE MORE IT SPARKS CHANGE. Be that spark!


My family and I have just started plogging and we already feel great about it, it's something we will continue as long as we need too. Make your morning walk or jog a little more meaningful. If you're interested in starting, make sure to join our Facebook group Plogging NB and post your pictures. 



We recently spoke with Shelly Steeves at Global News about our initiative. Click here to watch the video!




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