Building a Zero Waste Car Kit

October 19, 2018

Building a Zero Waste Car Kit

Having issues with remembering you bags?  Wanting to drop by the bulk food store with no reusable container? I feel ya!  


The kitchen is the first place I noticed the most amount of waste, so it's been the easiest place to start for me (lots of room for improvement). I remember about a year ago when I was grocery shopping with my 13 year old son Nicco, how packed full of plastic my cart was.  Literally 90 percent of the items in my cart were covered in plastic. I felt so overwhelmed and honestly sometimes still do, but it really opened my eyes that they way we're living and rate we're consuming just doesn't work.  

The reason I made this waste less kit is because, happens. Sure in my perfect world Sunday is grocery shopping day, but it doesn't always work out like that. It doesn't matter what your kit looks like as long as it works for you. Being prepared for the unexpected helps, so here's a quick breakdown of what works for me. This also might look a little different for you if you buy different foods, so switch it up depending on your preferences. Chances are you might already have at least a couple of these items at home!






A big container, basket, bags to put everything in 

I used a metal basket i had at home, but you could use a big container or just have everything together in a big tote bag.  You can add whatever reusable bags you have to your basket (most people do not have a shortage of these!). 


Containers or bags for produce 

My personal favorites are Hyp-Bags and are the ones I use on a regular basis. Another option is to purchase a knitted produce bag. (as shown in the picture below).  They are small, light and don't take up a lot of space. 


These are great alternatives to those single use plastic bags we fight with, then throw away.  







A container for your dry bulk foods 

I know glass containers can be heavy and awkward to bring around but they do work best for things like spices, nuts, seeds.  So I usually only pick up a couple of these items at a time.  Another option is to use small produce bags but obviously that won't work out too well with spices.  






Containers for liquid

There aren't too many refill stations for oils and liquids at this point.  Currently I get my balsamic and olive oils at Liquid Gold on mountain road.  They have so many to choose from and the staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable.  The bulk barn has quite a few different liquid refills such as honey and peanut butter. 


On a side note, don't feel as if you need to buy ALLLL the fancy glass containers for all this, often times just refilling bottles you already have or stopping by a thrift store are a much better alternative for the planet and your pocket. 



What tricks do you use to remember your bags? 

Where do you buy in bulk? 

What is your favorite refill tricks? 

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